Waterfalls in Oregon

Here is a quick recap of our hikes in Oregon. We drove out to Multnomah County (40 minutes from Portland) to see many waterfalls on two different days.


Multnomah Falls


Made it to the top of Multnomah Falls after a steep hike


Ponytail Falls – first time seeing a waterfall from behind the water!


“Is it too late now to say sorry?” Testing our new North Face jackets


Triple Falls

When we were climbing down, I felt so happy about the strenuous uphill battles being over. I was humming and skipping over the wet rocks like a little girl. Right when David shouted “Be careful!”….I slipped and sprained my ankle. I had to limp through a mile before reaching our car. It could have been way worse, so I was relieved that the injury was mild. Plus, there was too much good food in Portland waiting for me to be hung up over my ankle. The thought of the strawberry honey balsamic with black pepper ice cream motivated me to feel better, and that’s exactly where we drove to afterwards! The next time we go to Oregon, I’ll definitely want to explore more trails.

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