Walking Down the Aisle

This week, David and I made a big decision together. We opened a joint savings account to start saving for a house in Boise by the end of next year…dun dun dun. In other words, we took a hard eye-cringing look at our expenses per category to see how much do we absolutely need to spend each month for our bills…and how much room do we still have left to play with.

I’m excited that we’re working towards this together so honestly and openly- talking about finances isn’t always so comfortable. I’m positive this will strengthen our relationship further too during this whole process. It’s an awesome stepping stone to our future, in which we’ll hopefully develop better habits for the long run. (Seriously, moving here has been a life reexamination course. Damn it, we’re adults now.)

Making this decision also means I will remain a wifey-with-no-ring until we become homeowners. Yup, we both agreed on our priorities. I’ll still dream of planning an epic wedding…but in the meantime, I’ll start planning and budgeting our weekly meals! Ha, so much the same. 

Sure, a candy dessert table sounds glamorous. Red or white wine? Beer too? Steak, chicken, pasta? All would be ideal. Screw the cake though, let’s have cookies and ice cream. I want this this and that….oooooooh, that’s soooo me!!! *Drop box* Wait how much does it cost? Whatever, I love walking down the aisle with you.

So, you can now imagine how thrilled I was when I found a pack of carne asada meat for the perfect price. $5.63 for three whole slices waiting to be part of our beautiful love story. Yeah, David loves his meat. (How else am I going to start getting him to bring packed lunch to work?)

Without further adieu….

Tonight’s dinner: Korean beef rice cake soup
Tomorrow’s lunch: tropical island steak over steamed spinach
Current favorite kitchen toy gift-to-self from Macy’s sale registry:DSCF0046

And so, we say our “I do’s” and vow to save…and save smartly…and still eat well…always & forever.

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