String Lights: DIY Bedroom Decor

Our original empty bedroom wall:
Makeover tools:
Starry lights: $16.99 from  Amazon (x 2)
Sheer curtain set: $4.99 from Ikea
Photo hanging wire: $12.99 from Ikea

This method of hanging the string lights was actually inspired from my office room:DSCF0164
I thought this would give a much more subtle and softer look compared to using a curtain rod.
After one end of the wire is secured and hung, push the open end of the wire through the curtain hole.
Tip: Wrap tape around the wire so that it won’t get caught in the sheer fabric. (David is so smart.)

The string lights are made with wire too, so it is easy to bend the wire into the shape you want. After you decide what pattern you want, turn the wire segment into a little hook, poke through the sheer, and latch it on.

Since I used two sets of string lights, I alternated them in an A-B-A-B up-and-down pattern.

Surprisingly, they didn’t get tangled easily.

Ta-da! Complete look:
DSCF0272DSCF0274   DSCF0296 DSCF0312
This makes our room so dreamy, and of course reminds me of Disney’s Tangled.

Good night and sweet dreams!10624941_10102923525712891_5359901786504009960_n (2)

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