Sangria Honey Butter Toast Box


HONEY. BUTTER. Need I say more?
This is the ultimate honey butter toast box! Little cubes inside this brick toast has been drowned into honey and butter. Stacked on top of the soft crispy bits include a layer of homemade custard, whipped cream, strawberry ice cream, strawberries, peaches, chocolate pocky sticks and condensed milk. Even the sauce is sangria-tipsy.


The inspiration of this creation came from a random act of kindness gift. A sweet lady from a restaurant sent us home with a loaf of bread that she bought from a Japanese pastry shop in another city.

Here is the recipe I found from Never Too Sweet.
My Tipsy Twist:

Since I had some leftover fruit from my strawberry peach sangria, I decided to try something new. (I guess I have been watching too much Chopped and Cutthroat Kitchen on Food Network lately.)

I blended the fruit, strained it into a pot, poured in the remaining sangria, squeezed in some guava jam and thickened it into a wonderful sauce. The sauce still tasted like the original strawberry peach sangria, but in a whole new form! Perfection.

We’ve tried many toast boxes (even in Japan), but the toast bits usually have only a hint of sweetness and very much still taste like regular bread. Homemade is the way to go for this irresistible honey and butter heaven. It’s so good on its own already, but go ahead and take all the creative freedom you want with with toppings and sauces. Have fun with this and send me pictures!


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