Salmon Cakes

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This is a simple and easy dish to make! Few weeks ago, I made brunch on a whim and used whatever ingredients we had at home. I saw canned salmon that David had bought from Costco and an idea popped into my mind. David couldn’t believe how fast I finished cooking and kept asking me what’s in this delicious patty. So since today was a low-on-stock-lazy-kitchen day, I made these salmon cakes for dinner again tonight. Here’s my recipe.


2 cans of salmon – drained (12 oz total)
Spinach leaves (ripped into tiny pieces)
1/2 cup panko bread crumbs
2 eggs (beaten)
Salt, pepper and garlic powder

1. Mix all the ingredients together and season to your taste.
2. Dig in with your hands to make the patties- I made 6.
3. Heat olive oil on pan and gently place these patties on.
4. Cook both sides (and roll the edges) to a golden brown.

Really, it’s that simple! This would be good for meal preps too.
You can reheat the cooked patties in the mini oven and make it crispy.

Don’t these look like beautiful soufflé pancakes?
I kept it simple and added a dash of Japanese mayo on top tonight.
I imagine it would taste amazing with a creamy pesto sauce too.
On my original first try, I topped it with a poached egg- foodgasmic egg porn.


I packed some for David’s lunch tomorrow too.
Happy breakfast, lunch and dinner!
BTW, he remembers to bring his lunch now…


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