Polaroid Collage


I found this memo holder frame in the clearance section at Walmart. Lightbulb!
It was perfect for displaying our autograph polaroid collection from Disney World.
But it desperately needed a “magical” color-makeover to bring life to the photos.


To my pleasant surprise, acrylics actually worked well on this cheap piece of plastic.
I binged watched TV on the couch and painted away on my coffee table. So comfortable.
Ha, somehow I managed to not make a messy disaster for David to come home to, too.


All the colors blended in this set were inspired from my daily views in Idaho−
the blue skies surrounded by green fields of nature and flowers along the river
and the breathtaking majestic purple cotton candy warm glowing sunsets.



Memories like these are worthwhile to capture, store and savor.
Reliving them again through this creative process was fun and filled with smiles.
These frames are now hanging proudly on our main dining room wall!

From clearance items to a treasured showcase…
We absolutely love this new enchantment.

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