Peach Champagne Cupcake Cones

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This morning, the cashier at the grocery store looked at me and grinned, “Nothing like eggs and peach schnapps for breakfast…” After explaining to him I’m making peach champagne cupcakes, he became intrigued.

Why wouldn’t he be? Fresh peach bits inside cake? Champagne? Soft fluffy frosting? Ice cream cones? Wafers? Sprinkles? This is like Disneyland in a cone. It’s the perfect pick-me-up treat to knock off worries and bring a big smile.

I used this recipe from the Java Cupcake Blog to make the cupcakes. For fun, I decided to serve it as an “ice cream” cake.

There are a few tricks to make sure the ice cream cones stay in place when you pour your batter. Take a sheet of foil paper to cover your cupcake/muffin pan. Make sure it’s tight. Slash a hole in the center of circle and then gently insert the cones.

Some shots of peachy nipples (butterscotch + peach schnapps + milk) was indulged with my sous chef, Michelle, while waiting for these to bake. We had a blast and these turned out too cute! It makes me happy just looking at them again.


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