Packing 20 Outfits in 1 Carry-On

We’re leaving to Europe in 3 days! I don’t normally pack this far out in advance, but we’re talking about Europe and a long 17-day trip here. When I told my dad that I’m going to fit all my clothes in my carry-on, he started laughing at me. “How are you going to do that?!” David raised his eyebrows at me too and did not believe in the packing cubes I purchased. Challenge accepted…just you wait and see!

The perks of planning out itineraries in advance is knowing how to dress for that day’s activities. Yes, I’m girly and would like a different outfit for pictures too. I coordinated a unique set of outfit for each day, plus pjs and spares for weather/mood changes. David laughs and calls it a fashion show. Whatever, as long as I’m a happy traveler.

Here’s the overflow damage:
Now here’s how all that from above fit in this small carry-on WITH an added pair of rain boots:
Tetris packing is real.
The magic lies within these packing cubes!
I bought mine from eBags. There’s different sizes you can choose from. It is pricy but there are usually sales, high ebates return, and AMEX offers. I got the all-inclusive value set for $30 – worth it. This brand is the highest rated, but there are others that I haven’t tried.

Why it works:
-It saves significant amount of space. Roll your clothes in the cubes to make even more room. No vacuum seal needed.
-It’s easy to organize. I sorted mine by destination: London / Paris / UK Music Festival / Switzerland & New York.
-It’s fast without leaving a mess. How many times do we pull out all our clothes to look for one thing? Now, all you need to do is take the cube out vs your whole luggage wardrobe. The mesh can help you see and identify your items.
-It’s convenient and light. When I go to Paris, I’ll bring my Paris cubes in my tote bag (scroll down to see example).

I even have room left in some of the cubes (perfect for socks and undergarments) and I still have an extra cube unused. When I close the carry-on, it remains in its original shape and not bulky. Good to go!

Now for Paris, we’ll be taking a train from London and back. We won’t be taking a carry-on with us. Our luggage will stay at our friend’s house in London while we venture Paris for 4 days. David will be bringing his travel backpack and I’ll be equipped with my Longchamp tote bag, which is another wonderful travel accessory.

What’s in the bag?
Pair of sandals, makeup bag, two eBag cubes, my travel purse
It’s not considered overpacking when you pack smart. Europe, I’m ready for you in style!

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