Little Moments, Big Memories

I can’t believe it’s been over 2 months already since our Paris-London-Switzerland-New York trip! Here are some unexpected moments from the trip, whether funny or sentimental, that made me appreciate life and traveling tenfolds more.

1. We ran for cover from the rain, saw the wind twirl the leaves (Storm X-Men style), and then watched the sun take over. In awe that all of this happened within 5 minutes.11958037_10103698362982791_7772615634132210458_o 12006199_10103698363012731_7592658066948205182_n
2. I cried and laughed at the same time over a ‘failed’ surprise.
The above gave me hope that it wasn’t going to rain during sunset hour. I had planned a surprise romantic picnic for David in front of the Eiffel Tower at Champ de Mars. There was still time for me to call it off, but I didn’t. I kept repeating this relationship goal in my head: make the most of every experience we have, make the most of every experience we have

Well, it was pouring out of control. By the time we finally found our spot at the park, the blanket was soaked. We moved to a bench in a covered area. The wind enjoyed humoring me, because it knocked my cup out of my hand. Out spilled the wine…AND MY TEARS. LOL. It was ridiculous, but I’m glad we could laugh about it!12019868_10103698364230291_5040353095204881726_n
3. Every cool bathroom has an awesome backstory.
Having two grown men have high tea with me in a pink room was already entertaining enough. In the middle of our delightful tea party at Sketch, David comes back from the bathroom “pod” and couldn’t contain himself. Apparently, a lady yanked open his bathroom door and found him taking a dump. She also happened to sit in the table next to us. How’s this for suddenly awkward?! Pinky on.
4. Since when did I eat curry fries while listening to Armin at a music festival?
Creamfields was definitely an experience. It was my first time bringing a blanket to lay on the grass while listening to the music. Soaking in the sun and head bobbing to the beats was quite peaceful. Oh, and a girl came up to David and asked if he was Steve Aoki (what…….. the…….. ????!)10834963_10103695361243301_7777315264873778969_o
5. I thought we signed up for a walking photo tour. Our photographer had us running, jumping, and leaping at the same time across the wet field and back. Needless to say, we sucked at it and out came creepy face.11950456_10103680602275391_9007719218282490528_o 12002962_10103680602385171_2240876033413563169_n
Okay, okay, here’s a cool jumping one (that technically wouldn’t have been allowed- but the rain worked to our advantage and all tourists disappeared):
We were also surprised and beyond thrilled that love locks were still intact and not taken away.
6. I learned the difference between silver and white gold, the embarrassing way.
“Is this your first time shopping in Paris?” Oui. So I was on the most expensive street in Paris and stopped by Hermès to buy a bracelet for my dear friend. I showed the sales lady the picture my friend sent me. Quick and easy peasy. I was about to hand them my credit card until I heard that it was $7,000. Shit. Sorry madame, I meant silver*. Her facial expression changed drastically. My first shopping experience in Paris will forever be engraved. 11918930_10103649876215661_6532372833808237818_n
7. We traveled back in time to a small village in France, named Yvoire.
From the medieval era, the old cottages, cobblestone paths, cute boutiques and scenery were unbelievably charming…like a place you see in movies (or random Asian karaoke videos). Best of all, I would have never known to come here, if not for my aunt and uncle in Switzerland. It’s only a 30 minute trip from Geneva too!
11222130_10103701561443051_846029846240356393_n 12036541_10103701559282381_441583007149612100_n
8. The feels hit me at one of the world’s most sacred grounds. Silently and devastatingly beautiful.
9. Being drawn felt so vulnerable.
It’s interesting because I’ve drawn people for portraits before, but I’ve never been in the “observed” seat. The artist would switch from smiling to intense concentration mode while hashing out my features. Then there were the “oooo’s” and “ahhh’s” from strangers walking by, but I couldn’t see! When it was David’s turn to be drawn, I started giggling because the artist captured both our uneven eyes and eyelids on paper.11887537_10103708590322121_8521257586056369318_o 12009758_10103708590656451_2614301248683516875_n
10. Love is everywhere. We witnessed an engagement in Central Park.

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