Fall Biking: New Ride


Today is the first day of fall and I have a new bicycle! This is my first grown-up one, actually. The last time I had one was probably in elementary school. I called my dad and told him my adult bike is no longer from the flea market. When he asked me where I got it, I mumbled “Walmart….” Okay, so not that big of an upgrade, but still a grade higher (and no Asian bargaining possible). Anyway, the point is that I am absolutely IN LOVE with this bike!

Going into Walmart, I knew I wanted a baby teal/mint green bike. They’re just too cute. This happened to be the one and only from the store’s selection. I never knew what a hybrid bike was until today either. “A hybrid bike is the result of mixing the rugged features of a mountain bike, with the practicality of a road bike and the comfort of a cruiser. It means that it is the perfect bike for versatile riding.” Yes! It’s the dream-come-true color and retro looking with exactly the features and speeds I need.

David bought it for me as my early birthday present (thank you!) and drove off. I rode my new bike home on the nature path along the river. Technically, the nature path is for pedestrians only, but it was getting dark and I didn’t want to get lost finding the bike trail. A nice guy smiled and said “I won’t tell on you” as he passed by. I ended up taking the familiar-but-new scenic route. Breaking the rules for this end reward? No regrets whatsoever.


Perhaps I love bike riding and cruising around because it reminds me of my childhood. Growing up, my dad, sister, and I used to ride bikes in our neighborhood together a lot. There’s this “I’m free!!!” feeling when I release my feet off the pedals and go fast down the road, with the wind against my face and all. It makes me smile, as a kid and even now, as an adult. I can’t wait to explore more parts of Boise with this spiffy ride.

20150923_195736September 23rd: a memorable and happy first day of Autumn :)

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