Drinking Around the World at Disney’s Epcot

Epcot has 11 countries to showcase (or 12 depending on how you see it). The challenge is to finish an adult beverage from each country by the time the theme park is closed. David and I successfully completed this challenge back in December 2014. This year, we went back with the Ly family for another round of grown-up fun. After our Disney cruise ended, we went straight to Epcot early morning and drank the day away. Since the International Flower and Garden Festival was taking place, we had a chance to admire all the fascinating flower sculptures shaped as Disney characters. I’ll guide you through each of the countries.


1. Mexico

Are you the type of person who gets the hard stuff over with first or last? As we were walking to Mexico, Katherine brought up the phrase: “Beer before liquor, never been sicker; liquor before beer, you’re in the clear.” Now we know that the statement is not true. We started with tequila and it was so strong that majority of the group felt buzzed immediately afterwards. Personally, La Cava Del Tequila is my favorite bar in Epcot though for their large selection of unique specialty drinks – I love their avocado margarita!


2. Norway

While we could have had Carlsberg beer, we opted for shots of Linie Aquavit in Norway. “Linie Aquavit is a Norwegian spirit infused with caraway, dill, aniseed, sweet fennel and coriander.” Yup, you guessed it…it tasted as gross as it sounds. Huge mistake, but let it go. The sweet almond pretzel from the bakery made a good chaser and their school bread is a yummy treat too.


3. China

Mulan asked David if he knew where Mushu was. He bluntly responded, “I ate him.” In all seriousness, the curry chicken puff pastries were delicious. There’s a lot of selection for drinks too. We all got the Canto Loopy, which was a very refreshing, easy-to-down drink. Learn from my experience and remember to stir it all up first. Otherwise, you’ll end up tasting the vodka when you get to the bottom. Previously, David and I also had the peach schnapps slush and the Hong Kong style bourbon whiskey coffee.


4. Germany

Pink grapefruit hefe is the best tasting beer in Epcot. The guys took a Berentzen Apfelkorn (apple schnapps) shot. There seems to always be a line for food and drinks here. Get some nudel gratin (mac & cheese) and bratwurst to help soak up the alcohol. There’s also a cute souvenir shop that allows you to custom engrave cups including shot glasses and beer mugs. A bathroom is also strategically placed next to Germany…once you reach this point, controlling your bladder gets harder.


5. Italy

Vino, vino, vino. David and I went to the Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar during our first visit for red wine and dessert flights. It’s a cozy and classy wine bar with plenty of small plates and drinks to choose from. This time with the brothers, we kept it simple and got sangria and peach bellinis from the gelato cart.


6. America

What’s there in America? Lots of tap beer, lemonade slushes, spiked root beer floats and turkey legs! David ate TWO turkey legs in one day this time. We also took a little intermission to watch a live performance of an a cappella singing group. After America, we backtracked to China to meet Katherine and Lena.


7. African Outpost

While walking back to China, we realized that we had missed the Refreshment Coolpost. We thought that there were only 11 countries, so we were a little confused. From a quick Google search, I learned that the African Nations Pavillion never came to be due to the lack of investment. Now, it is “an outpost in the middle of the jungle. It provides travelers with food, drink, supplies and a place to rest as they continue on their journeys.” However, this was was no rest stop for us – more mango liquer cocktail and pineapple cider were indulged.


8. Japan

Sake, plum wine, Tokyo sunset, green tea colada and Kirin are available in Japan. They also have a huge gift shop. For the ladies, there is a special souvenir opportunity. You can select an oyster and the Disney cast member will open it up to reveal your pearl or pearls if you get a lucky pair! Since I knew that I would be doing this, I ordered the Cinderella carriage necklace on Etsy to store my pearl before my trip.


9. Morocco

I was trying to find the full bar in Morocco, where we had really good sangria our first time. After walking in a circle, we settled for coffee liquer drinks at the Tangerine restaurant instead. When we walked out, I finally saw the pretty bar across the road! Guess I’ll blame it on the alcohol for that one. At this point, the sun has already set and we have had way too much to drink already.


10. France

J’adore France beaucoup. We had French wine, champagne and beer at Les Vins de France. There is a fabulous ice cream shop that’s not to miss too. You can create an ice cream martini with grand marnier. There’s also macaron ice cream sandwiches (yum!) and ice cream brioches. By the way, look how happy and dandy the guys are….


11. United Kingdom

We headed to the Rose & Crown Pub in the UK to get some fish and chips. While David and I stayed on the cautious side with their famous Welsh Dragon cocktail and stout, Kevin and Thao ordered more shots. If you plan your trip early enough, make dinner reservations at the Rose & Crown Dining Room around the same time as IllumiNations (the grand finale firework show). The patio has prime seats with an excellent view of the show – no one will be standing in front of you like the fast pass sections.


12. Canada

“DoOOoT. DOOOT. DOoOoOOOOT. DOOOOOOT!” David’s sound effects were on another level while waiting in line for beer in Canada. By the time it was our turn, the cast member refused to serve him beer. He was unaware of how loud and obnoxious he was being. Katherine ordered a beer and passed it to David afterwards in order to complete the challenge. The flower sculptures were there to mock us. BUT WE DID IT – we survived 12 drinks!!

In the final hour of the evening, we learned that David had no memory of taking a picture with Baymax. He was in shock and asked “When was that?!” when we were looking at our pictures at the photo shop. Also, during the fireworks finale, Thao disappeared. “WHAT?! YOU’RE IN CHINA?!” We made a journey to China, the other side of the park, to find him. I was laughing uncontrollably – it was the most epic moment of the day.

I didn’t think that I would complete this challenge TWICE within 14 months. I especially didn’t think David would make it out alive (hehe). I highly doubt that there will be a third time either…but hey, we’ll see!

P.S. Since completing this challenge for drinks alone will run you about $100 per person, check out the Disney section of my travel hacks and money saving tips if you haven’t already.

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