Dinner at Our House


Hard to imagine that a few months ago, I was sad about not having any friends here and was worried about meeting people in Boise. Yesterday, we had a group of 10 friends at our house! We didn’t even have enough chairs – Viet had to bring four more for us to fit everyone.

It all started on November 17th, when David and I went to a “Young and Social” meetup group from meetup.com. There, I met a handful of girls – Alex, Yukie, Krissa and Seawillow – and since then, had brunch with them on separate occasions, dinner and dancing, wine tasting and other holiday gatherings (including Brittany’s and Shawn’s ugly sweater party).

This was our first time hosting a large dinner at our house since moving here. It was a blast! Both David and I love cooking for others (though of course hot pot is David’s speciality, so he was the main chef). We introduced one of our favorite dishes and brought the California “home” feel to Idaho. Everyone enjoyed the meal, even the first-timers. The night continued until 1am with games of pictionary, king’s cup, jenga, beer pong, and way too many laughs…especially when my fiancé struggled to draw a RECTANGLE.

Such a fun night with awesome people! Some of us are already planning a cabin trip together to McCall at the end of the month for the Ice Festival. Can’t wait :).


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