Dear Future Me…


12458785_10103880560996511_348125570_oBasking in sunshine with joy and love; finding beauty in all that I discover along the way; feeling uncertain but not scared; letting go and embracing happiness.

This card instantly brought a smile to my face when I saw it in a cute gift shop. It’s also created and printed in Idaho too! I bought it back in November with the intention of writing it to myself.

So, here’s a letter I wrote to my future self in 5 years. It was an interesting experience, confusing even, to write in two tenses and envision the 32-year-old me. I started out drawing blanks, but ended up laughing and crying as I remind my future self to remember the lessons I learned in 2015.

I encourage you to write one to yourself too. Handwriting your thoughts is a raw, authentic and natural flow. It helps you reflect and connect with yourself, in ways that may surprise you. What would the you-now say to the you-later?


Dear future Jess,

What are you planning now? Your next adventurous vacation I hope…or maybe your child’s themed birthday party?! (If you haven’t had kids by now, put down your wine glass and make it happen please.) I’m not sure exactly where you are now or what you’re doing, but I know you’ll always end up finding joy because there’s so much to appreciate around you. Look back on 2015 and smile! That year, the biggest and most important lesson you learned was that uncertainties have a beautiful way of unfolding into life’s best gifts—custom-tailored to you when the “aha” moment comes. Moving to Boise, Idaho with David more than “worked out”—it brought an abundance of new-found happiness. With more free time alone working from home, you started nurturing yourself again. Those quiet walks or bike rides by the river, those solo expeditions in other states, those days where you just sat and wrote, those times when you experienced “online dating” to meet new girlfriends…I hope that you’re still designating time for yourself no matter how busy you are. On another note, I bet you’re still smiley waking up next to David. Woman, did you up your cleaning/dish-washing/laundry game yet?! Yeah, you’re lucky he loves you. When he said “I want to spend the rest of my life with you,” I knew he genuinely meant it. His watery eyes expressed it all. Despite all the question marks and unknowns, I’m certain the future you is in love with future David. Remember to vocally tell him how proud you are of him and how grateful you are for every kind gesture he does for you and your family. Little reminders like these go a long way. I’m honestly running out of things to say; or rather there’s so much I want to say, but not all emotions are describable in words. At the time of this letter, I recently turned 27 and got engaged 6 days ago. I wish I can stop time now because it’s been truly the best year of my life…but I know there are many more amazing memories to come and I’ll hold on to this bliss and complete peace in my heart so that you’ll always remember it’s there.




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