David turns 29!

David’s birthday celebration was in Boise this year. Our friends flew into town for the occasion – we hosted 8 people in our house the entire weekend!

As usual, our first stop after picking them from the airport, was Barbacoa. Barbacoa is one of our favorite restaurants that we consider a unique treat in Boise. From the guacamole, to the selection of wine and cocktails in ice cups, to flaming hot rock steaks and to the flambé desserts, everything is big in proportion and flavor.

I was extra happy that Kim made it out to visit us too – yay, my first girlfriend (and bridesmaid) here! I got to show her the wedding venue over the weekend, which definitely made the wedding feel ten times more real. While we cheered over delicious sparkling Sangria at Kona Grill, the guys struggled to finish their sake bombs in regret.

On Saturday night, we drove to Idaho City (an hour way) to experience the hot springs. It was relaxing and we got to order beverages via poolside. Perhaps it was the huckleberry wine in combination with the heat and minerals over a 2 hour span, but I felt naturally high afterwards…like lightheaded and dumb. I wasn’t even able to articulate proper directions home. Thao shook  his head with laughter, “It’s the huckleberry!”

Sunday was barbecue day at home. It was nice to finally use our patio in the Spring weather. Some of our new friends in Boise came to join the party too! Hung had packed his whole karaoke machine in his luggage for this event, so there were many hours of (drunk) singing.

I made strawberry jam cookies for the birthday man and Alex made a scrumptious lemon cream cake with pineapple filling! The cake even held up well on David’s face. Khanh jumped in after the mess with paper towelettes and his tagline of the weekend: “MOIST!”

Marrying David means committing to his friends in the picture for life…literally. Every picture had a photo bomb! I love how David is so loved by his friends though. They are family to us. We are so thankful that they came all the way here to spend time with us in our neighborhood and home.


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