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    Traveling with “Me”

    Let me first start by saying that David is my favorite travel buddy ever. We complement each other very well and share the same interests/priorities. Ahem, landmarks (without long history lessons) are sure’s, museums are maybe’s, zoos…

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    Little Moments, Big Memories

    I can’t believe it’s been over 2 months already since our Paris-London-Switzerland-New York trip! Here are some unexpected moments from the trip, whether funny or sentimental, that made me appreciate life and…

  • gm10

    Plan a Trip with Google Maps

    Two more weeks until our Europe trip! We’ll be going to London, Paris, Switzerland and then New York on the way back. I personally like to make itineraries so that we can make…

  • dw

    Travel Hacks & Money-Saving Tips

    I love to travel, especially on a good deal–or better yet, FREE! I’m not rich, so I try my best to make traveling affordable…which in turn makes my life richer. My…