Wherever “here” is for you, I hope you are glowing with love, fulfillment, and happiness.

During the uncertain moments when you’re questioning why you’re here and not there—whether that means a place, goal, relationship and/or “life plan” you measure yourself against—take a deep breath, appreciate the simplest joys and trust that everything will eventually fall into place.

Someday, you’re going to laugh and wonder “how the heck did I end up here?”
…and more than just “okay,” “good,” or “fine,” you’ll be content.

At least, that’s my story.

Hi, my name is Jessica and my middle name is Michelle.  

My personal mission is to do good for the world and contribute to meaningful causes in ways that I can. I continue to support nonprofits for a living. I value experiences over things. Love is my compass; empathy is my language; creativity is my expression; intuition is my strength. On another note, I can also turn anything you say into a dirty joke, disguise alcohol into dangerously good treats, outline your travel itinerary with the best deals and throw you an unforgettable party of any kind. I’m a natural-born planner.

As my “twentysomething” days are phasing out, I’m realizing that most of the best moments/opportunities of my life came unexpectedly—falling nowhere in line with “what I envisioned” or “what I thought would make me happiest.” Practicing gratitude and learning to embrace everything with grace, courage, openness and reflection has led to many delightful surprises.

For instance, I AM NOW AN IDAHOIAN?! Nope, my spreadsheets and google maps never saw that one coming. I’m a California native who has wandered the cities of San Jose, Irvine and Los Angeles. This is my first time living in a new state.

My boyfriend’s fiance’s name is David. We’ve been together for 5 years. What brings us to Boise is his career; what keeps us here is our shared “home is where your heart is” belief. So now I’m officially a wifey-in-training who works from home, loves to cook, bake, and craft….but still hates doing the dishes and do not find cleaning fun.

Glowing Here is largely inspired by this relocation. It’s a reminder that “wherever you go, there you are.” There are endless things to explore, learn, create and grow from…and many people to meet and connect with.

In my attempt to capture my new journey and everything else in between, maybe you will become inspired, book the trip you always wanted to, whip up a sexy dinner, become my friend or simply laugh at my too-many clumsy stories.

Thank you for glowing here and reading my personal blog! Feel free to contact me to say hello.